Auner announces 30.83% efficiency for large perovskite silicon tandem solar cell

Beijing Yaoneng Technology Co. (Auner), a Chinese developer of perovskite and crystalline silicon lamination photovoltaic technology and manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules, has announced that its 25cm² perovskite silicon tandem PV cell has achieved a stable conversion efficiency of 30.83% in the laboratory, which has reportedly been confirmed by China’s National Institute of Metrology.

Auner said this is a further increase by 1.26% from the 29.57% certified record achieved in February 2023 for its perovskite-silicon tandem PV cells. In addition, Auner says its large size perovskite cells are closer to meeting the mass production needs of the PV industry.


Furthermore, in early 2023, a pilot production base with production capacity of 2MW of perovskite products was established by Auner in Beijing, China, and is currently starting the processing development of M6-G12 cell on an industrial level, which is planned to be operational during 2023, as a wide range of issues in the production of large-size perovskite cells, including methods and processing, need to be addressed for commercialization to take place. The first mass production pilot line with a production capacity of 100 MW of perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells will then be launched in 2024. 

Posted: May 12,2023 by Roni Peleg