The perovskite Handbook

Perovskite-Info's own comprehensive guide to perovskite materials, applications and industry.

  • Different perovskite materials, their properties and structure
  • How perovskites can be made, tuned and used
  • What kinds of applications perovskites may be suitable for
  • What the obstacles on the way to a perovskite revolution are
  • Perovskite solar cells, their merits and challenges
  • The state of the perovskite market, potential and future
  • And lot's more!

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Perovskite Oxide for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

This book provides a detailed description of various aspects of perovskite oxides for solid oxide fuel cells. Each chapter in the book is written by leading international researchers and covers topics including:

  • General Introduction of SOFC;
  • Perovskite fast oxide ion conductors;
  • High temperature perovskite proton conductors;
  • Perovskite electrode catalyst and catalysis;
  • SOFC stack development using perovskite oxide;
  • The effects of decreasing SOFC operating temperatures to increase reliability, durability and stability.