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Borun was established in 2004 and is a professional manufacturer of Perovskite Solar Cell, Organic Optoelectronic Material (OPV), Dye-Sensitized solar cell (DSSC) and their Intermediate and Reagents in china. Among its customers are MERCK, TCI, and more.

The company deals with Perovskite Precursors and relative products of the Perovskite Precursor, and claims to offer the chemical industry's best quality Perovskite Precursors for the Solid State Dye Solar Cell technology. All Borun Perovskite Precursors provide guaranteed performance, high reproducibility, stable/consistent results, and are of the highest purity.

Company Address

No. 1558, Jiangnan Road
Ningbo Shi
Zhejiang Sheng, 315010