CATL reveals patents for perovskite-based PV products

It was recently reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL), the Chinese manufacturer of energy devices, has filed to publicize its patents for the designs and manufacturing processes of several PV products.

The patents, which have been applied under the category of solar PV products, cover a backsheet, a transparent substrate, a perovskite PV cell, and a device design.

Regarding the device design, CATL has inserted the perovskite PV cell in an annular sealed space formed between the backsheet and substrate. The annular sealed space is also filled with 10-100% ammonia and some other inert gases. The ammonia can preserve the chemical structure of the perovskite material, thereby improving the cell’s thermal stability. CATL believes that its design not only extends the service life of a perovskite PV cell but also raises its conversion efficiency.

CATL established a team to engage in the R&D of PV-related technologies in 2020. However, the company formally announced its entry into the PV market much later in May of this year. Going forward, the exact degree of the company’s involvement in the PV market remains to be seen. CATL continues to focus on maintaining its role as a leading supplier for Li-ion batteries, especially those used to power NEVs.

Posted: Nov 10,2022 by Roni Peleg