Quantum Solutions

Quantum Solutions is a nanotech startup company based in the UK and originally founded at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia.

Quantum Solutions develops quantum dot materials and technology for image sensors applications. It provides QDot-branded quantum dots and helps to integrate them with silicon sensor technologies to detect the light beyond the visible spectrum. These wide range image sensors enable to capture images that would be invisible to the naked eye: from lower energy short wave infrared (SWIR) and middle wave infrared (MWIR) ranges to higher energy UV and X-ray lights.

Quantum Solutions has a range of QDs based on perovskite materials.


Sefar logo imageSefar AG (Switzerland) produces highly conductive, transparent and robust electrode materials for large area optoelectronics. These electrodes, containing fine metallic wires are suitable for printed and evaporated devices such as flexible OLEDs and various types of solar cells, including perovskite-based ones.

The Sefar electrodes can either be used as a substrate (to coat on it), as a grid-fabric (to laminate on top of a device), or even as a tandem-substrate (conductive on both sides).

SoFab Inks

SoFab Inks is a chemical manufacturer of specialized inks for perovskite solar cell manufacturing. It is a spin-out from the University of Louisville, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, founded in 2022.

SoFab’s broader mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of electrification by improving efficiency, scalability, stability, and bankability of solar cells. 

Solaris Chem

Canada-based Solaris Chem, develops and produces organic materials for the semiconductors and electronic industry and for academical R&D.

Solaris Chem offers perovskites materials (intermediates).


Solaronix logoSwiss-based Solaronix was established in 1993 with an aim to supply materials and equipment for the photovoltaics market. The company provides several materials for perovskite-based solar panel researchers - including titania pastes, perovskite light absorber precursor and hole transport material.


Solaveni GmbH is an early stage company that develops and supplies innovative materials for several industriess, including printed electronics, energy harvesting, storage and solid state lighting. Solaveni also provides analytical services and process development.

Solaveni's main products high-purity precursors for perovskite performance materials. Solaveni is a subsidiary of Saule Technologies.

Valais Perovskite Solar

Valais Perovskite Solar logo imageValais Perovskite Solar (VPS) is a Switzerland-based company with a focus on molecular engineering of functional materials for PV and light-emitting applications.

VPS mainly focuses on:

  • Molecular Engineering of Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Design and development of charge transporting materials
  • Photophysics and Photochemistry of Molecular Assemblies

The goal of VPS is, according to its website: "to engineer at the molecular level novel panchromatic sensitizers and functionalized hole-transporting materials to achieve power conversion efficiency (PCE) surpassing 23%. Because many chemical combinations result in a perovskite crystal structure, and each of them has different optical properties, choosing the chemistry of a cell also means choosing what part of the spectrum it absorbs, this could push efficiency levels in the future up to around 36%. It may be possible to manufacture also a panel that is 30% efficient using standard solar cells in combination with perovskites".

VIVAN Life Sciences

VIVAN Life Sciences logoVIVAN Life Sciences is an India-based high-end chemical producer that caters for various industrial verticals such as electronics, display materials, solar panel materials and pharmaceuticals.

The company offers custom synthesis and contract research projects, and is producing several materials for the perovskite industry, including hole transport (HT) materials for perovskite solar cellsand perovskite precursors such as organic Onium salts and bromide salts.

William Blythe

William Blythe logo imageWilliam Blythe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthomer PLC, is a manufacturer of inorganic speciality chemicals and advanced materials. WB's portfolio currently covers perovskite metal halide pre-cursor salts (more specifically - high purity lead iodide and stannous iodide), as well as iodine, Tin, Copper and Tungsten derivatives as well as advanced materials, among others Graphene Oxide.

Other activity in the perovskite arena is in R&D stages, but the Company is setup to produce many mixed metal oxides with perovskite structure at industrial scale and can work with companies for their specific needs.

Application areas that William Blythe focuses on are Catalysts, Coatings, Electronics, Life Sciences, Pigment, Polymer Additives, and many others.

Founded in 1845 and based in Accrington, England, WB's manufacturing capabilities extend from laboratory scale to multi thousand tonne manufacturing plants.

Zeon Corporation

Zeon logo Zeon Corporation, established in 1950 in Japan, develops and produces chemicals, plastics, rubbers and other materials for a wide range of industries. 

Zeon Corporation has an ongoing project with ISE Chemicals and Yamagata University that is centered on perovskite quantum dots (PQDs). The intention is to develop and produce PQDs for color conversion films. This has applications in displays, agriculture and more.

Zhijing Nanotech

Zhijing Nanotech logoZhijing Nanotech (Finest Nano) was founded in 2016 in China. The business office is located in Beijing and the R&D base is located in Zhangjiagang.

The company is dedicated to the development of low cost, high performance, environmentally benign perovskite quantum dots for their applications in lighting and display. Adapting its patented technology, the company has developed the world’s first PQD/polymer based optical film (PQDF). LCD displays equipped with PQDF reportedly exhibit a color gamut of 110% NTSC and brightness of 600 nits. Zhijing Nanotech is also applying its advanced perovskite technology to a wider range of applications, such as seperator membrane for Li ion battery, UV converter for Si solar cell, etc.

Zhijing Nanotech is now working closely with several world-leading industrial partners to integrate its PQDF product into various commercial display products. The company can also produce patented PQD coating materials in large quantity. PQDF samples made from PQD coating material are being tested by end customers. Zhijing Nanotech is able to offer PQDF samples with size range from A4 to 65 inch (16:9).