DSCC: perovskite-based QD films for LCD applications could enter the market in 2022

Display market research firm DSCC says that perovskite-based QD films for LCD display applications could enter the market in 2022. DSCC says that perovskite materials could increase efficiency and color gamut compared to current solutions.

TCL 75M10 TV with Zhijing Nanotech's perovskite film photo

Last year we reported that Zhijing Nanoech has concluded a successful pilot with TCL, which has produced 500 75-inch QD-enhanced LCD TVs with Zhijing's PQDF films. The company hopes to achieve a design win with TCL for mass production.

The TVs use a green PQDF film, and the blue LEDs were covered with red KSF phosphors. Zhijing produces its films by using an in-situ fabrication - the films are produced by coating a mixture of perovskite precursor and a polymer powder. The luminous efficiency is 90% and the films offer a very high transparency.

In 2020 we reported that Switzerland-based nanomaterial developer Avantama passed the OEM qualification with its green pQD film, together with a KSF phosphor solution on the LED chip. Avantama expects the first commercial LCD display to adopt this solution to hit the market soon.

Avantama perovskite QDs vs industry standards (brightness, BT2020 coverage)

Posted: Jan 20,2022 by Ron Mertens