Evolar enters agreement for tandem silicon/perovskite solar cells for the South Asian market

Uppsala University spinoff Evolar has entered into a joint development project with an undisclosed Indian silicon solar module manufacturer to develop highly efficient perovskite/silicon tandem solar modules for the South Asian market.

'Evolar is developing a unique perovskite-based PV power booster technology that adds 25 percent power to conventional solar panels. Moreover, it is easy to integrate the perovskite thin film process into current production set-ups. We firmly believe that the combination of our perovskite-based technology and this manufacturing partnership, can play a key role in strengthening India's domestic solar module supply,' says Mats Ljunggren, CEO of Evolar AB.

The collaboration will allow for a business case to be explored and for a module prototype based on the Indian company's silicon technology, paving the way for Evolar's introduction of its PV Power Booster Line into the Indian market.

Despite being one of the top 10 solar module producers in the world, India's insufficient domestic module manufacturing capacity and quality has caused a heavy dependence on imported modules from China. Over the past few years, in an effort to support the domestic PV manufacturing industry, the Indian government has developed various initiatives, such as the Production Link Incentive through which funds are allocated for the photovoltaic industry.

Posted: Dec 16,2021 by Roni Peleg