LONGi announces 33.9% conversion efficiency record for its silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells

Reports suggest that LONGi Green Energy Technology managed to reach a conversion efficiency of 33.9% for its silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells.

The result, currently the highest efficiency record in the world for a perovskite/silicon tandem cell, has reportedly been confirmed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


The world's best tandem solar cells consisting of a silicon bottom cell and a perovskite top cell today can convert about a third of the incident solar radiation into electrical energy. The previous record, 33.7%, was set by KAUST Photovoltaics Laboratory in Saudi Arabia.

"Improving cell conversion efficiency and reducing the cost of electricity remain the drive behind the development of the photovoltaic industry. The photovoltaic conversion efficiency of solar cells is a crucial indicator and benchmark for evaluating the potential of photovoltaic technologies," said Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, during a press conference.

"Cost reduction and efficiency improvement are at the core of the photovoltaic industry, which is cost-driven. Continuously enhancing the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells is an effective measure to reduce the overall cost of photovoltaic power generation," he said.

"Once this high-efficiency cell technology is truly put into mass production, it will lead to a significant reduction in the cost of photovoltaic power generation, which will be extremely beneficial for driving the growth of the photovoltaic market in China and globally."

The company has been investing heavily in research and development (R&D) in recent years.

In July 2023, LONGi announced a conversion efficiency of 33.5% for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells based on commercial CZ silicon wafers.

Posted: Nov 03,2023 by Roni Peleg