Researchers from Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) developed a new perovskite-based catalyst that could enhance the charge-discharge performance of Metal-Air Batteries (MABs). MABs are very interesting as they are lightweight, affordable and has a large storage capacity, but current metal-based catalysts are too expensive for wide commercial adoption.

Perovskite MAB-catalyst self-reconstructed interlayer scheme (UNIST)

The new catalyst is made from a very thin layer of metal oxide film that is deposited on a surface of perovskite catalysts. This new so-called "composite catalyst" combines the two types of catalysts each with its own excellent performance for charging (metal) and discharging (the perovskite catalyst).



Perovskite metal-air batteries

Great news!  How about building power walls that are affordable and put lithium to better use.