Maya -2, the Philippines second cube satellite, was recently released to space from the International Space Station. Maya-2, designed and built by Filipino scholars, is a 1.3-kg satellite that can remotely collect data using a Store-and-Forward (S&F) mechanism and capture images and videos using an on-board camera.

2nd PH cube satellite Maya-2 released to space image

It is equipped with various advanced technologies, and perovskite solar cells are among these technologies.

Maya-2 was assembled by engineers Izrael Zenar Bautista, Mark Angelo Purio, and Marloun Sejera who are completing their doctoral degree at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

The engineers said they included some updates from its first invention, Maya-1, that can help in collecting more data. “We improved on the communication link by changing the antennas and upgrading the transmitter/receiver. We also included an active attitude control. Maya-1 used passive attitude control,” Bautista had told ABS-CBN News in an interview. “Aside from these, Maya-2 is going to demonstrate new technologies in space such as the Perovskite solar cell and latch-up detection chip. They will also demonstrate the use of satellite structure as an antenna,” he added.