Researchers achieve 30% efficiency bifacial 4-terminal perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells with spectral albedo

Researchers from Korea and Vietnam have developed and designed a bifacial four-terminal perovskite/crystalline silicon heterojunction tandem solar cell configuration albedo reflection in which the c-Si HJ bottom sub-cell absorbs the solar spectrum from both the front and rear sides (reflected light from the background such as green grass, white sand, red brick, roofing shingle, snow, etc.).

This approach reportedly achieved an outstanding conversion efficiency exceeding 30%, higher than those of both the top and bottom sub-cells. Notably, this efficiency is also greater than the Schockley'Quiesser limit of the c-Si solar cell (approximately 29.43%). The proposed approach has the potential to lower industrial solar cell production costs in the near future.

Using the albedo reflection and the subsequent short-circuit current density, the conversion efficiency of the PVK-filtered c-Si HJ bottom sub-cell was improved regardless of the PVK top sub-cell properties.

Posted: Aug 01,2021 by Roni Peleg