Saule Technologies perovskite cells reach 25.5% efficiency

Saule Technologies' perovskite-based PV cells have reached 25.5% efficiency, as confirmed by laboratory measurements at the Fraunhofer ISE group of Dr. Uli Würfel.

The measurements were carried out under 1000 lux illumination by a cold white LED, which represents the real-life environment for the first commercial application of these devices.

Flexible perovskite photovoltaic devices produced by Saule are well suited for powering electronic devices in indoor, low-light intensity conditions, making it suitable for various Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT represents a technology that is readily available to be deployed on the market, and Saule Technologies was able to transfer the cell manufacturing process from the R&D stage to the full-scale production line.

Saule's first factory already prints perovskite devices suitable for the IoT sector. Now, after successfully entering the commercialization phase, Saule is planning to scale up its business and build new factories all over the world, with higher production throughputs to match growing demands.

Posted: Oct 13,2021 by Roni Peleg