Saule Technologies has announced that it will be presenting a prototype and will answer questions regarding its flexible perovskite photovoltaic modules at the 3rd International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO-2017) in Oxford, UK.

Saule Technologies' flexible perovskite module image

The company will reportedly be showing an operating module printed on ultra-thin PET foil. Samples available for public viewing will present the stability of the module and underwater operation for the first time. The prototype large-scale production line capable of fabricating solar modules with a nominal power output of 100W/m2 is expected to be operational in fall of 2018.

Saule Technologies has not only made a breakthrough in its perovskite module achieving stability in water, but it has also reported success in using ink-jet printing technology for the fabrication of free-form perovskite solar modules. This could mean significant freedom in choosing the shapes and areas covered by each layer.