William Blythe

Last updated on Tue 07/06/2022 - 16:04

William Blythe logo imageWilliam Blythe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthomer PLC, is a manufacturer of inorganic speciality chemicals and advanced materials. WB's portfolio currently covers perovskite metal halide pre-cursor salts (more specifically - high purity lead iodide and stannous iodide), as well as iodine, Tin, Copper and Tungsten derivatives as well as advanced materials, among others Graphene Oxide.

Other activity in the perovskite arena is in R&D stages, but the Company is setup to produce many mixed metal oxides with perovskite structure at industrial scale and can work with companies for their specific needs.

Application areas that William Blythe focuses on are Catalysts, Coatings, Electronics, Life Sciences, Pigment, Polymer Additives, and many others.

Founded in 1845 and based in Accrington, England, WB's manufacturing capabilities extend from laboratory scale to multi thousand tonne manufacturing plants.

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United Kingdom