MBraun logoMBRAUN, established in 1976 in Germany, is developing inert gas technology for clean environments. As it offers the largest gas purification system range, MBRAUN can propose a suitable solution under ultra pure process conditions and low gas consumption for every volume to meet the different demands of the marketplace.


Aixtron AG is a provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The company's technology solutions are used to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials.

Aixtron trades in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (AIXG).


Inert logoInert (established in 1981 and previously known as Innovative Technology) offers standardized and custom built Inert Atmosphere Gloveboxes, Gas Management Systems and Solvent Purification Systems.


Fluxim logoFluxim, based in Switzerland, is a provider of R&D tools to the photovoltaic and OLED industries. Fluxim offers two products, the simulation software (SETFOS) and the measurement platform (PAIOS).

Fluxim's software product was designed to simulate light-absorption in thin film solar cells (organic and inorganic) as well as charge generation, transport and recombination. In addition Setfos is used to model light-outcoupling from OLEDs and other thin film light emitting devices.