Perovskite equipment makers

Eternal Sun Spire

Eternal Sun specializes in solar simulators for PV testing. It enables solar labs and PV manufacturers to accurately measure the performance and reliability of all PV module technologies and sizes.



SparkNano is an OEM equipment supplier which uses Spatial ALD technology for deposition of high-quality ultrathin layers. It designs, manufactures and commercializes Spatial ALD tools that deposit nano-scale thin film materials.

SparkNano offers Spatial ALD equipment, which it says is used more and more in perovskite solar cells to increase efficiency and lifespan. Examples include hole- and electron transport layers such as SnO2, TiO2, ZnO and NiO, ultra-thin Al2O3 passivation layers and encapsulation layers.

SparkNano's equipment is also used in optimizing OLED-displays, flexible electronics, yield improvement photovoltaic panels and many other applications.


Park Systems

Park Systems Corporation is a manufacturer of atomic force microscopy systems for scientific research, nanoscale engineering, semiconductor fabrication and quality assurance. Park Systems provides a full range of AFM and related products to those in the chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, and semiconductor industries. Its customers include most of the world's largest semiconductor companies and renowned scientific research universities and national labs.

Park Systems was established in 1997 with the mission to equip scientists and engineers with the most advanced AFM systems that enable them to see, measure and characterize things at the highest nanoscale resolution and accuracy. Since the time of its foundation, Park Systems has delivered on its promise with numerous innovations, including True Non-Contact Imaging, 3D metrology, and fully automated AFM systems for both research and industrial applications.

In the field of perovskite, Park Systems several types of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) modes including Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM), Conductive AFM (C-AFM), and Photo Current Mapping (PCM) that can be used to study perovskite material from various perspectives and their potential applications.

Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial

Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial logoMitsuboshi Diamond Industrial (MDI), established in 1935 in Japan, develops and markets quality cutting systems for brittle materials (mostly glass), as well as multi-layered structures including metal and organic materials.

MDI is one of the world's leaders in laser-based cutting systems for solar panel production, and its products are used in several perovskite panel production R&D labs.



SC SOLAR is a China-based solar equipment maker. It specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent equipment for the solar industry.

SC SOLAR provides customers with turnkey solutions for solar module manufacturing and provides intelligent equipment for PV cells, silicon wafer manufacturing and more.

Toray Engineering

Toray Engineering logoJapan-based Toray Engineering Co, Ltd. supplies manufacturing and testing equipment for the semiconductor and display industries.

Toray Engineering Co, Ltd. offers Slot-die Coater and Vacuum Drying system (VCD) for R&D to large scale mass production purpose. By combining the mass production experience in the display field with the new coating & drying technology specifically for perovskite, Toray Engineering has already successfully applied our manufacturing technology to the mass production of perovskite products.

Kortherm Science

Kortherm Science logoKorea-based Kortherm Science (KOS) supplies laser based solutions.

The company's flagship μ-lab and μ-fab series laser equipment of KOS is used for the production of perovskite solar cells with high accuracy and precision for various processes like R2R (Roll to roll/ Reel to Reel) based, patterning, scribing, cutting etc.

FOM Technologies

FOM Technologies logoDenmark-based FOM Technologis develops slot-die coating machines for lab- and pilot-scale development of new functional thin film coatings and devices. The company was spun-off from the R2R materials & process research lab at the Technical University of Denmark.

FOM offers miniaturized slot-die coating tools for scalable perovskite PV development, and can provide customized R2R pilot lines from early-stage to production-ready processes.

FOM Technologies is a public company (NASDAQ: FOM.CO).

The company is part of a 3-year $4 million DoE-supported project that aims to develop industrial manufacturing processes of large area Perovskite tandem solar panels at Hanwha Q-cells' US-based factories.

Enli Technology

Enli Technology logo imageEnli Technology is a manufacturer of scientific & metrological instruments. Enli is dedicated to providing Quantum Efficiency Measurement and IV characterization equipment, providing total solutions for various kinds of customers, from academia to industry.

Enli's solutions for perovskite research include measurement and analysis tools.

Bergfeld Lasertech

Bergfeld Lasertech logo imageBergfeld Lasertech is a Germany-based company that develops laser processes for material processing. With 17 years experience in laser process development, Bergfeld specializes in laser processes for the photovoltaic, organic and flexible electronics, display and lighting technology as well as the automotive industry and special research applications.

With its various laser systems in Aachen and at FH Aachen Campus Jülich, Bergfeld develops laser processes and does contract manufacturing projects. It offers various systems and equipment, including all types of laser systems and optical systems and assemblies for integration into machines and more. In addition, Bergfeld develops varied test systems and laboratory equipment.