The Emerging PV Reports Initiative (EPVRI)

Last updated on Tue 07/06/2022 - 16:04
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The Emerging PV Reports Initiative (EPVRI) is not a company - it is an academic international framework for collecting, presenting and analyzing data about the best achievements in the research of emerging photovoltaic materials, e.g., organic, perovskite and dye sensitized solar cells, among others.

More than 30 researchers from 15 countries have worked out the fundamental guidelines for reporting progress in emerging PV based on peer reviewed publications.

In order to guarantee highest data quality, top precision and best reliability, a series of criteria will be automatically verified when uploading data. The accurate reporting of record performance for novel, innovative and emerging semiconductors, independent whether they are demonstrated in flexible, transparent or rigid solar cell architectures, is believed to help accelerate photovoltaic materials science development. Special emphasis will be placed on reporting operational lifetime efforts – the ultimate discipline of photovoltaics.

EPVRI is meant to provide a reference for good practices and state-of-the art reports, summarized in periodic publications by the EPVRI organizing consortium in the journal Advanced Energy Materials, herein called “Emerging PV reports“.

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