Greatcell logo imageGreatCell Solar, formerly known as Dyesol, is an Australia-headquartered renewable energy supplier and leader in Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) technology.

GreatCell manufactures and supplies PSC materials and is dedicated to the successful commercialization of PSC photovoltaics. It is mainly focused on:

  1. Developing (and continuously advancing) a suite of thoroughly tested PSC chemicals, components and equipment used in the manufacture of PSC cells, modules and panels to researchers and industrialists;
  2. Providing turn-key and custom fabrication facilities for research, development and production of PSC photovoltaic devices; and
  3. Providing specialist training, consulting and engineering solutions for the application of PSC photovoltaic technology

One of GreatCell's main activities is the development and supply of photoactive materials, mostly for R&D. The company started offering perovskite materials around 2013, and since then these materials became the bulk share of its material sales - a testimony to the global interest in perovskite technologies. GreatCell is said to sell its materials "in every country known to man" and currently adds around 25 new customers each month. For the perovskite market, GreatCell offers perovskite compounds, in addition to more advanced products such as TiO2, ITO and perovskite covered glass, which offers early-stage researchers a way to save time and effort with such processes.

GreatCell's main goal, however, is developing perovksite-based solar panels. One example is the company's intensive research into steel substrates for solar panels. GreatCell is working on flexible steel-integrated panels (as part of SOLLIANCE) which has the potential to find a huge market in the warehouses and industrial buildings across Europe. In addition, GreatCell's glass-based perovskite development is also ongoing. The next stage following that will be an establishment of a pilot line which will enable the company to advance to the mass production of perovskite panels. Going forward, the company aims to establish Joint Ventures with solar panel makers for the creation of commercial production lines.

Company Address: 
3 Dominion Place (PO Box 6212)
Queanbeyan NSW 0