Hiking PV

Last updated on Sat 03/02/2024 - 11:35
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Hiking PV, AKA Shenzhen Hiking PV, is a company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, and application of advanced energy technology. 

It develops perovskite-silicon tandem solar technology that aims to "facilitate the further development of the trillion-dollar photovoltaic industry. This technology can greatly improve the power conversion efficiency of solar cells with low-cost, thus enhancing the economics of photovoltaic technology", according to the Company's website.

In February 2024, Shenzhen Hiking PV unveiled plans to set up a joint venture with a state-run company to build gigawatt-level perovskite/polysilicon tandem cell and panel production capacity in Guangdong province


Company Address

Level 2, Building E, Guanghao Industrial Park