Mellow Energy / Vein Energy

Last updated on Mon 01/01/2024 - 15:11
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Mellow Energy, a China-based perovskite solar module manufacturer, was founded in August 2022. It is also sometimes called Vein Energy. The Company was incubated by the New Energy Technology Research Institute of Jinan University and is led by Professor Mai Yaohua, the dean of the institute.

In November 2022, the Company completed an angel round of financing and began constructing a pilot production line in Foshan High-tech Zone. The production line is used to research and develop key technologies to commercialize large-area perovskite solar cells and modules, as well as to manufacture indoor light energy collection and flexible mobile energy products. By February 2023, the perovskite 100 MW module (30cm x 30cm) pilot line was operational. By December 2023, it is said to be producing PCE = 22.9% modules. This is claimed to be certified by a Chinese 3rd party lab.

Mellow Energy explains that flexible photovoltaic modules are typically built on polymer substrates, for example, PET or PEN, and that deformation of the substrate during the process is one of the main factors that affects efficiency. Through innovative advancements in crystallization and laser processing, Mellow Energy announced 21.5% efficiency for its 30cm x 30cm (800.9cm2 aperture area) large-size flexible perovskite module.

These lightweight and bendable chalcogenide photovoltaic devices hold a considerable application advantage, and can be widely used in photovoltaic roofing, mobile energy supply, light energy harvesting, and other electronic applications

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