Merida Aerospace

Last updated on Wed 14/02/2024 - 10:16
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Merida Aerospace offers a complete range of space services and products, encompassing space launch vehicles, satellite manufacturing, satellite data distribution, and a whole host of space support vehicles and operations, such as lunar and planetary rovers, as well as control center operations. In 2024, Merida launched a project to develop perovskite solar cells for use in space.

By centralizing all these services within Merida Aerospace’s manufacturing capabilities, the company aims to reduce costs, shorten production time, and enhance build quality through meticulous control over every aspect of a space project. Merida Aerospace offers clients satellite design, data distribution, and launching capabilities for space crafts in one facility. 

Merida Aerospace has been working since its inception in 2019 on its innovative concept known as the "Space of Things" or SoT. This concept, introduced by Merida Aerospace, aims to bridge the existing gaps in the space sector by offering comprehensive services and solutions that cater to all needs related to the space industry under one roof.

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