Perfect Perovskite - Perfect Process

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Bad process control for perovskite vacuum deposition is a result of the properties of the organic precursor molecules (low evaporation temperature, generation of a partial pressure in the chamber). MBRAUN/CreaPhys novel perovskite deposition concept addresses these problems with two major modifications to the system:

  • a special system design to optimize the operating regime for a controlled process
  • a new high precision precursor deposition sources

Deposition of volatile compounds (e.g., MAI) including multi-source co-deposition processes can be done under highly controlled high vacuum conditions. Furthermore, shadow masking can be used reliably to structure the deposited material.

HySPRINT Perovskite Lab © HZB / M. Setzpfandt

This vacuum deposition platform has specifically been designed to deposit perovskite materials with a low boiling point. A commonly used material with this characteristic is for example Methyl-ammonium iodide. Low boiling point results in re-evaporation of already deposited material even at room temperature preventing a repeatable and stable process.

A unique design allows to prevent this. The core idea of the PEROVAP series is to thermally control the entire system to prevent re-evaporation of already deposited layers. Using proprietary Ultra-Low-Temperature sources which can be cooled down to sub-zero temperatures, a temperature controlled inner shell as well as a temperature-controlled substrate stage, combined with a highly accurate control system provide the operator with a setup that generates highly repeatable, stable and exceptionally uniform coating results.

HySPRINT Perovskite Lab © HZB / M. Setzpfandt

MBRAUN has been a specialist in the design of glove boxes in inert atmosphere since 1973. Together with leading research institutes and well-known high-tech companies MBRAUN continuously developed and improved its product portfolio.

CreaPhys is a technology leader in sublimation technology as well as vacuum coating equipment for advanced high-tech compounds which are required in nowadays research and manufacturing of opto-electronic devices and perovskite solar cells.

In April 2016 CreaPhys GmbH became a member of The MBRAUN Group. The excellent worldwide sales and service network of The MBRAUN Group combined with CreaPhys' deep technological knowledge and strong working relationship with today's research community allows to offer our global customer base cutting edge system designs as well as sublimed materials of the highest purity level available on the market.

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Posted: Nov 24,2021 by Ron Mertens