Perovskite QD films get closer to market - Avantama qualifies its green pQD display film

An exciting application for perovskite QDs, which is likely to be the first commercial adoption of pQDs, is for the display market - films that convert blue LED LCD backlight to green.

Switzerland-based nanomaterial developer Avantama told us that the company passed the OEM qualification with its green pQD film, together with a KSF phosphor solution on the LED chip. Avantama expects the first commercial LCD display to adopt this solution to hit the market in 2021.

Researchers achieve breakthrough with blue LEDs based on perovskite quantum dots

Research using the Canadian Light Source (CLS) at the University of Saskatchewan could help bring perovskite QDs display technology closer to commercilization.

Quantum dots are nanocrystals that glow, a property that scientists have been working with to develop next-generation LEDs. When a quantum dot glows, it creates very pure light in a precise wavelength of red, blue or green. Conventional LEDs, found in TV screens today, produce white light that is filtered to achieve desired colors, a process that leads to less bright and muddier colors.

A new approach could result in efficient and stable perovskite QLEDs

Researchers at the College of Materials Science and Engineering at Nanjing University of Science and Technology in China have developed a technique that greatly enhances perovskite QLEDs' performance and stability compared to single interface processing.

New passivation approach yields efficient QDLEDs imageThe structure of QLED based on QD films passivated without (b) and with passivation (c). Image from Nature Communications

The team proposed a bilateral passivation strategy through passivating the top and bottom interface of the QD film with organic molecules.