Display giant BOE launches perovskite PV project

China-based BOE Technology Group (BOE), one of the leading companies in the global display technology field, recently launched a project to enter the photovoltaic industry by investing in perovskite solar cells. BOE held a ceremony to launch the project

It is believed that BOE's entry into the perovskite solar cell market will bring new energy to the industry, which is in line with the country's renewable energy policy. The Company has a strong R&D team and extensive experience in display technologies, which could be applied to the development of perovskite solar cells. BOE has also established partnerships with top universities and research institutions to promote the development of perovskite solar cells.


In addition to the development of perovskite solar cells, BOE has also invested in other renewable energy projects, such as wind power, to diversify its energy business.

Posted: Nov 27,2023 by Roni Peleg