FuturaSun acquires perovskite solar startup Solertix

Italian solar company, FuturaSun, has acquired Solertix, a start-up specialized in perovskite solar cell research and upscaling for industrial applications.

This acquisition represents a major investment for FuturaSun in scientific research and in the development of innovative technologies. Alessandro Barin, CEO of FuturaSun, emphasizes the strategic importance of this step, stating, “Perovskite is the future of high-efficiency photovoltaics, and in this specific R&D segment, we couldn’t afford not to be key players, working alongside those who are dedicated to scientific research at the highest academic levels.”


Solertix was born from the experience of the prestigious Organic Solar Center (CHOSE) of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, an Italian research center founded by Professor Aldo Di Carlo. CHOSE specializes in third-generation photovoltaics and is at the forefront of perovskite module development worldwide.

“Since its foundation in 2006, the Organic Solar Center has developed and nurtured several high-tech start-ups and spin-offs, actively pursuing the Third Mission of universities. Solertix represents CHOSE’s first start-up dedicated to the revolutionary field of halide perovskite for high-efficiency solar cells,” comments Professor Aldo Di Carlo, who will take on the position of President of the Scientific Committee within the new company.

At the technical helm of Solertix is Francesco Di Giacomo, a materials scientist who has been dedicated to upscaling perovskite photovoltaics since its early stages. He explains, “Solertix will bring together both my know-how acquired at CHOSE – where the world’s first perovskite modules were manufactured – and my experience in production processes development from Solliance. I have always believed in the strategic importance of synergizing academia and industry for fostering innovation and driving our country’s progress.”

Erik Eikelboom, a physicist with 30 years of international experience in solar cell and panel research and development, will also be part of the team. He joined FuturaSun a year ago and has been dedicated to coordinating innovative projects within the company’s R&D department.

The growth prospects for Solertix are already outlined: the project is well-structured, the targets are set, and the team’s expertise is proven. In the coming months, the company plans to double the number of experts involved in the company, taking concrete steps towards developing cells with increasingly higher efficiencies, surpassing those of crystalline silicon photovoltaics. The aim is to deliver a stable, competitive final product with broad applicability, including rooftop solar, agrivoltaics, integrated photovoltaics in infrastructure, and more.

By joining the group, Solertix has found in FuturaSun an industrial partner to further research in a highly promising sector.  FuturaSun is capable of supporting scientific research and providing the necessary tools and resources to translate scientific discoveries into tangible applications within its Group’s facilities – starting with the upcoming Italian Gigafactory in Cittadella (Padua).

Posted: Jun 01,2023 by Roni Peleg