Grape Solar launches R&D efforts into perovskite solar technology

U.S-based retail solar brand Grape Solar has announced that it will be going into the perovskite PV R&D field, as it appointed Dr. Leon Dong as its head of the newly formed Solar Technology Research Center (STRC) in Eugene, Oregon.  

"This is a historical moment for us. Solar technology has improved significantly in the last decade, from efficiency and cost point of view, however, little has changed in terms of its form factor. The market demands for more flexible, lightweight, even more colorful solar products. We envision a future that would bring these kinds of technology to live in the next few years as the industry advances, and Grape Solar wants to excel in bringing new and improved technology products to our customers by making them in the United States. To achieve this goal, we need many young talents. Leon possesses the scientist mindset in the purest sense, which is rare to find these days." Commented Ocean Yuan, CEO of Grape Solar.


"I am delighted to work for Grape Solar as its scientific researcher of the newly formed STRC, and excited about the opportunities that are presented in front of us. We will do our best to explore the new frontier of solar technology that are renewable, clean, with mass appeal, and as Ocean envisioned: Made in America!" Dr. Leon Dong expressed his excitement.

Posted: Sep 03,2023 by Roni Peleg