Hanwha Q Cells plans to mass-produce perovskite tandem cells by 2026

Korean PV company Hanwha Q Cells reportedly aims to mass-produce perovskite-based tandem cells by June 2026.

According to Hanwha Q Cells, its researchers in Germany have collaborated with Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, to develop tandem cells using both perovskite and silicon, which is regarded as an intermediary step to developing cells using perovskite only.

"By focusing on the research and development of tandem cells, we will become the world's leading company in the solar energy market", Hanwha Q Cells official said.

The company is focused both on foreign markets and its domestic one - and has made efforts to establish infrastructure in Korea for the domestic use of renewable energies.

"The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry's latest survey showed 15 percent of Korean firms were asked by their global clients to use renewable energies. As for large firms, three out of 10 received such requests," a Hanwha Solutions official said. "Unless the supply of renewable energies is increased in Korea, domestic firms will face setbacks in pursuing RE100 (the global initiative of corporations committed to 100-percent renewable energies), due to the shortage of such energies."

Posted: Oct 14,2022 by Roni Peleg