Ideal Deposition Equipment to supply perovskite coating equipment to US PV company

It was reported that China-based Ideal Deposition Equipment, a technology and equipment company with chemical vapor deposition technology as its core, has entered into a supply agreement with a top American photovoltaic company for manufacturing perovskite cells.

Ideal Deposition primarily focuses on producing equipment for PERC and TOPCon production. In recent years, it has launched a series of related equipment for mainstream photovoltaic cell producers worldwide. Additionally, it manufactures coating equipment for tandem layers of perovskite cells.


The latest order involves providing SALD coating equipment for the research and development of perovskite cell processing to a US-based enterprise. The company operates globally and provides integrated photovoltaic solar solutions. Their focus is on designing, manufacturing and selling photovoltaic solar power systems, with a strong emphasis on developing and producing the most advanced solar cells and modules. Negotiations will be continued for the cooperation of other machines required for mass-producing solar cells.

Posted: Nov 27,2023 by Roni Peleg