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JACOMEX logo imageFrench equipment maker JACOMEX has been producing custom glove boxes and gas purification units since 1945.

JACOMEX supplies its technology to the industrial and scientific markets. It offers a wide range of purification systems to control moisture and oxygen at ppm-level, as well as high filtration systems and laminar flow techniques enabling pure clean atmospheres complying with semi-conductors, solar cells and perovskite devices.

JACOMEX supplies glove boxes with adjustable moistering parameters up to 40% RH or more, making the atmosphere optimized for perovskite research and development. The company offers turn-key solutions with full integrated equipment for preparation, deposition and characterization.

JACOMEX works jointly with the highly-specialized French company ALLIANCE-CONCEPT for the manufacturing of PVD systems.

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184 avenue du Bicentenaire
Zone les Prés Seigneurs
01120 Dagneux