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Last updated on Wed 17/04/2024 - 17:17
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KEP Technologies is a family-owned international industrial group that offers its customers and partners the implementation of industrial and technological solutions. It develops the 3 vectors that distinguish the Group: Innovation, International Presence and Diversification.

KEP Technologies uses processes for manufacturing perovskites in crystalline form, with the properties required for the detection and characterization of radioactive materials. Under its SETSAFE brand, KEP Technologies is developing nuclear measurement solutions that take advantage of the unique properties of perovskites. Knowledge and control of the synthesis of these materials benefit from more than 10 years’ experience and research at EPFL in Prof. Forró’s group. 

Depending on their design and performance, devices based on perovskite technology can detect radioactive sources for defense purposes, or to protect the public against nuclear and radiological risks. Their ability to detect and even identify radioactive isotopes also opens up prospects in the fields of industrial nuclear safety and medical applications.

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