Perovskite application developers


Avantama logo imageSwitzerland-based Avantama AG (previously called NanoGrade) is specialized in the development and supply of printable and coatable materials for the manufacturing of optical or electronic thin films. Avantam's materials are based on liquid formulations and inks containing semiconducting metal oxides or luminescent perovskite quantum dots.

Avantama’s QDs show several differences when compared to other commercial QDs (CdSe and InP): the chemical composition is based on metal halide perovskites such as e.g. CsPbBr3, the QD color is mainly controlled by the chemical composition and not by the QD size, no additional inorganic shell is needed for high quantum efficiency and stability and more.


Avantama states that its metal halide perovskite QDs yield the highest possible quantum efficiencies of > 95% which will result in best peak brightness of LCD displays.

Helio Display Materials

Helio Display Materials logoUK-based Helio is developing both photoluminescent and electroluminescent perovskite-based materials for the display industry. It is a joint spin-off from both Oxford University and the University of Cambridge.

Helio aims to use its materials to improve the color performance and power efficiency of both LCD, OLED displays and MicroLED displays, using the high quantum efficiency, narrow emission spectrum and high absorption of perovskites.

In June 2020 we posted an interview with Helio's CEO, who discusses the company's technology and business.


Imec is a leading independent nanoelectronics and digital technologies R&D hub with headquarters in Belgium.

Imec leverages its state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure and its team of more than 5,500 employees and researchers for advanced semiconductor R&D activities, also including system scaling, silicon photonics, artificial intelligence, beyond 5G communications and sensing technologies. 

Imec is involved in perovskite R&D, with work on perovskite LEDs, solar panelks and more. It is also a partner in Solliance. 

KEP Technologies

KEP Technologies is a family-owned international industrial group that offers its customers and partners the implementation of industrial and technological solutions. It develops the 3 vectors that distinguish the Group: Innovation, International Presence and Diversification.

KEP Technologies uses processes for manufacturing perovskites in crystalline form, with the properties required for the detection and characterization of radioactive materials. Under its SETSAFE brand, KEP Technologies is developing nuclear measurement solutions that take advantage of the unique properties of perovskites. Knowledge and control of the synthesis of these materials benefit from more than 10 years’ experience and research at EPFL in Prof. Forró’s group. 

Depending on their design and performance, devices based on perovskite technology can detect radioactive sources for defense purposes, or to protect the public against nuclear and radiological risks. Their ability to detect and even identify radioactive isotopes also opens up prospects in the fields of industrial nuclear safety and medical applications.


Nanolumi logoEstablished in 2018, Singapore-based Nanolumi develops perovskite-based quantum dots for the display industry.

Nanolumi's first product, the Chameleon Film, is a color-conversion film made from perovskite quantum dots. The company sells the final film directly to display makers.


In 2019 Nanolumi raised US$1 million in seed funding to accelerate its R&D and its sales and marketing activities. Nanolumi expects their products to be in commercially available consumer electronic devices by mid-2021.