Kurt J. Lesker Company

Last updated on Sat 27/05/2023 - 17:17

Kurt J. Lesker logo imageKurt J. Lesker Company, established in 1954 in the US and having facilities in the UK & China is a global provider of high-quality vacuum products and systems.

KJLC has been manufacturing physical vapor deposition (PVD) tools for perovskite research since the inception of the technology, having supplied many tools to leading research institutions globally. The KJLC eKLipse controls platform, working in conjunction with KJLC low temperature evaporation (LTE) or HydraVAP sources, enables highly controlled and precise recipe-driven perovskite precursor processing for reproducible growth dynamics of perovskite solar cell devices.

Company Address

1925 Route 51
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
United States