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MBraun logoMBRAUN, established in 1976 in Germany, develops inert gas technology for clean environments. MBRAUN offers a large gas purification system range, and can propose a suitable solution under ultra pure process conditions and low gas consumption for every volume to meet the different demands of the marketplace.

MBRAUN launched a PVD system specifically designed for the Perovskite application called PEROVAP. With unique features such us low temperature evaporation, ULTE sources and an enhanced chamber design the PEROVAP offers an unsurpassed level of process control, layer uniformity and process repeatability.

For full process control, MBRAUN with the combined expertise from CreaPhys (Part of the MBRAUN Group) designed a specific deposition chamber for perovskite PV based on a novel concept. This system, includes modifications to ensure long system lifetime.
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