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Ossila was founded in 2009 by organic electronics research scientists with the aim of providing the components, equipment and materials to enable faster and smarter research and discovery. It supplies products to over 600 different institutions in over 57 countries across the world.

Ossila has developed packages of products and services to enable researchers to jump-start their organic electronics development program. In the field of perovskites, the company offers a collection of substrates, materials and processing equipment for the fabrication and measurement of perovskite solar cells and LEDs.

Ossila’s perovskite range can be split into materials and test equipment. The biggest of these are the perovskite precursor materials – Ossila is focused on providing a wide range of organic salts required for fabricating a variety of different perovskite structures. Additionally, it offers a selection of interfacial layers for both hole-transporting and electron-transporting layers as these are often critical for obtaining high performance devices. Finally, Ossila has its premade inks, designed to simplify the process of developing perovskite solar cells for new researchers in the field.

On the other hand, Ossila’s range of perovskite test equipment includes supporting products such as laboratory equipment, test-and-measure systems, and substrate systems (which were recognized by the Institute of Physics with an Innovation Award). These ranges help perovskite researchers not only get the materials they need, but also the equipment required to process and measure thin-films and devices. Ossila also launched its lab-scale slot-die coater (after four years of development), and with this the Company aims to fundamentally change the lab-to-fab transition by enabling many more researchers to access scalable, high-performance coating systems.



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