Pervoskite material providers

BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a chemical supplier that provides a wide range of bulk compounds for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotechnology and more. It is a brand of BOCSCI Inc. 

BOC Sciences can manufacture or customize perovskite-related materials, such as Tetrabutylammoniumiodide.

BOC Sciences specializes in small molecules synthesis, biosynthesis, purification and characterization and works closely with its synthetic laboratories, fermentation labs, OEM and global partners to offer a wide range of products.


Ajay SQM

Ajay-SQM Group is multinational company engaged in the iodine derivatives market.  The company produces a diverse portfolio of over 80 products used in many diverse industries, such as engineered plastics, LCD , electronics, industrial applications, animal nutrition, and more.

For the perovskite industry, Ajay-SQM offers the perovskite precursors Formamidinium Iodide (FAI), Cesium Iodide (CsI) and Methylammonium Iodide (MAI). The company also offers tailor-made solutions for its clients and can support new materials from bench scale samples to industrial production.

Mendel Chemicals

Mendel Chemicals is a Moldova-based supplier of chemical products, serving various analytical, industrial, and manufacturing needs.

The Company specializes in providing a wide range of equipment and materials relevant to the perovskite industry. Mendel's offerings include coating equipment, glove boxes, grinding & polishing machines, laboratory mill & mixers, magnetron sputter coating systems, plasma sputtering coaters, spin coaters, thermal evaporation coaters, and vacuum ovens.

Mendel also supplies essential materials used in perovskite research and production, such as Oleylammonium Iodide, Cesium Lead Bromide, Methylammonium Bromide, Cadmium Sulfide, Lead Tin Chloride, Strontium Titanate among others.


Solaveni GmbH is an early stage company that develops and supplies innovative materials for several industriess, including printed electronics, energy harvesting, storage and solid state lighting. Solaveni also provides analytical services and process development.

Solaveni's main products high-purity precursors for perovskite performance materials. Solaveni is a subsidiary of Saule Technologies.

Solaris Chem

Canada-based Solaris Chem, develops and produces organic materials for the semiconductors and electronic industry and for academical R&D.

Solaris Chem offers perovskites materials (intermediates).

ISE Chemicals

ISE Chemicals, established in 1927 in Japan, produces and sells iodine, nickel and cobalt compounds and is also active  in natural gas extraction and trading.

ISE is collaborating with Yamagata University to develop perovskite quantum dots. The company is supplying its pQDs to ZEON corporation.

Zeon Corporation

Zeon logo Zeon Corporation, established in 1950 in Japan, develops and produces chemicals, plastics, rubbers and other materials for a wide range of industries. 

Zeon Corporation has an ongoing project with ISE Chemicals and Yamagata University that is centered on perovskite quantum dots (PQDs). The intention is to develop and produce PQDs for color conversion films. This has applications in displays, agriculture and more.

SoFab Inks

SoFab Inks is a chemical manufacturer of specialized inks for perovskite solar cell manufacturing. It is a spin-out from the University of Louisville, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, founded in 2022.

SoFab’s broader mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of electrification by improving efficiency, scalability, stability, and bankability of solar cells. 

American Perovskites

American Perovskites (AP) is a material and equipment supply company with production facilities in Colorado and headquarters in California. It is driven by the idea to harness the potential of perovskite materials, accelerate the manufacturing of solar cell semiconductors, and create a diversified and inclusive future workforce.

AP develops and produces various materials, among which are: CzAn, a promising material for use in a variety of applications as a hole transport material (HTM), FlAnS, an aromatic amine that exhibits good charge transport properties, including high hole mobility and good conductivity, which makes it a promising candidate for use as an HTM in solar cells, and more. 

Perotech Energy

Perotech provides perovskite single crystals of different compositions and size for different applications. 

It is focused on developing materials for perovskite enabled X-ray detection and solar energy.