RenShine Solar

Last updated on Sun 14/01/2024 - 13:17
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RenShine Solar is a Chinese developer of perovskite solar cells.

The Company focuses on the development and production of perovskite solar cells, providing high efficiency, low cost and excellent performance perovskite solar cells to the industries like electric vehicles, BIPV and consumer electronics.

RenShine says on its website that it has "independent intellectual property rights and patents covering the core technologies of perovskite solar cell projects, including raw material preparation, key equipment design, key processes and other important aspects. The company's unique perovskite stacked cell technology can break through the efficiency bottleneck of single-junction cells and is fully compatible with the perovskite single-junction process, which is far more technically difficult. Higher than perovskite single junction technology".

In October 2022, Renshine Solar (Suzhou) announced achieving steady-state efficiency of 24.50% for all-perovskite tandem cell module, which it called 'a world record'.

In January 2023, Renshine Solar (Suzhou) announced 29.0% steady-state power conversion efficiency of all-perovskite tandem solar cell developed in-house. The company now expects to exceed 30% in 2023.

In January 2024, RenShine Solar said it has switched on a 150 MW perovskite cell production line. It aims to achieve mass-scale production of perovskite panels with a size of 1.2m*0.6m and an efficiency of 20% by mid-2024. It said it will focus on the development of gigawatt-level production lines to further expand its capacity.

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Factory No. 5, Standard Factory Building, Industrial Village No. 300, Qingchengshan Road
Suzhou Shi
Jiangsu Sheng,