RenShine Solar announces 24.5% efficiency for all-perovskite tandem cell module

Chinese perovskite solar technology company Renshine Solar (Suzhou) has announced achieving steady-state efficiency of 24.50% for all-perovskite tandem cell module, which it called 'a world record'.

It was reported that the efficiency was achieved for a perovskite module with an area of 20.25 cm², which exceeds that of perovskite single-junction components. The new efficiency level has been certified by Japan’s JET, it added without sharing other details.


The company claims to have set 5 world records for the efficiency of tandem cells out of which the latest certified efficiency of small-area all perovskite tandem cells was 28.0%. In 2021, it used industrialized preparation technology to realize 21.7% efficiency for all-perovskite tandem cell module.

Founded by Nanjing University’s Professor Tan Hairen, Renshine Solar is now working to bring online a 150 MW mass production line at the Changshu Economic Development Zone in Q3/2023. In fact, the Company said it will be building a photovoltaic cell facility with a total investment of about RMB 1.5 billion (around USD$206,825,000). Out of this, in the first phase, the company will build an automated production line of 150 MW perovskite cells. Simultaneously, three major industrial chain equipment projects – German-Shanghai intelligent equipment, material-packed vacuum drying equipment, and Lecheng laser – will also be introduced. 

Posted: Oct 29,2022 by Roni Peleg