Toray to ship a slot-die coater to a new perovskite PV Production Line

Toray Engineering says that it will ship a slot-die coater to a new perovskite PV production line. The shipment is scheduled by the end of 2022, or in early (Q1)2023. The new coater can handle subsrates up to 1 meter In size, which will enable the world's largest size perovskite PV production line. Products to be manufactured on this line will include BIPV and roof mounted panels, with an annual production capacity of 100 MW.

Toray Engineering has been supplying slot-die coaters and many other process and inspection tools worldwide for the display, semiconductor, and LiB industries. Having two solutions available in slot-die coating, which are Roll to Roll (R2R) and sheet-to-sheet, Toray Engineering is the a leader in slot die equipment supply with a sales record of over 1,000 units.


In slot-die coaters for sheet glass, in particular, Toray Engineering is actively proposing solutions from coating to drying (crystallization) of perovskite layers by applying its technologies that it has developed for flat panel displays. Toray Engineering's slot-die coater and vacuum dryer has been designed and developed entirely within the Toray Group, and therefore, new technologies have been introduced to the market in a timely manner. The company will continue to utilize this coating technology to contribute to solar power generation. In addition to the Slot-die Coater, Toray Engineering offers other equipment, such as sputtering in a vacuum, evaporation equipment, and CVD equipment for the protection of the perovskite layers that are vulnerable to moisture and oxygen.

Toray Engineering has installed a system in its own lab in Japan that is capable of coating to drying (crystallization) perovskite layers on glass and film at sizes larger than 1m and 1400mm. The lab also includes a wide CVD demonstration system for R2R encapsulation films. Both these systems are available for testing. Toray Engineering can support perovskite customers in various aspects from the development phase to the mass production phase.

Toray Engineering has a large range of applicable technologies, and is looking forward to working together with perovskite panel and solve their production challenges.

Posted: Oct 17,2022 by Ron Mertens