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Last updated on Tue 07/06/2022 - 16:04
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Zhijing Nanotech logoZhijing Nanotech (Finest Nano) was founded in 2016 in China. The business office is located in Beijing and the R&D base is located in Zhangjiagang.

The company is dedicated to the development of low cost, high performance, environmentally benign perovskite quantum dots for their applications in lighting and display. Adapting its patented technology, the company has developed the world’s first PQD/polymer based optical film (PQDF). LCD displays equipped with PQDF reportedly exhibit a color gamut of 110% NTSC and brightness of 600 nits. Zhijing Nanotech is also applying its advanced perovskite technology to a wider range of applications, such as seperator membrane for Li ion battery, UV converter for Si solar cell, etc.

Zhijing Nanotech is now working closely with several world-leading industrial partners to integrate its PQDF product into various commercial display products. The company can also produce patented PQD coating materials in large quantity. PQDF samples made from PQD coating material are being tested by end customers. Zhijing Nanotech is able to offer PQDF samples with size range from A4 to 65 inch (16:9).

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1 Xingyuan Road
Nanfeng Town