Great Wall Holdings to build HQ and perovskite base for its spin-off UtmoLight in Wuxi, China

Great Wall Holdings (GWH) has entered a contract to build the headquarters and a perovskite base for its spin-off company UtmoLight in Wuxi, China. 

The company signed an agreement with local authorities of Wuxi’s Xishan Economic & Technological Development Zone to invest 3 billion yuan (around USD$442.2 million) in the UtmoLight project. The new headquarters and perovskite innovation industrial base will reportedly house 'the world’s first GW-grade perovskite photovoltaic module and BIPV production line'. The production line of perovskite quantum dot will feature a production capacity of 100 tonnes per year. GWH expects to see an annual production value of 2.5 billion yuan ($368.5 million) after the base is up and running.


In addition, Great Wall Motor is also constructing a closed packaging, testing, and manufacturing base for the third-generation semiconductor modules under HYCET Technology, another Great Wall Motor subsidiary focusing on powertrains.

GW plans to put in 800 million yuan ($117.9 million) into the production base, which will comply with the industrial 4.0 standard. With its projected annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets of auto-grade modules, the base is expected to bring the company an annual revenue of 1.5 billion yuan ($221.1 million).

Posted: Aug 18,2022 by Roni Peleg