Microquanta announces its perovskite water-farming PV power station is connected to the grid

Microquanta has reported that its novel perovskite-based PV power station is now connected to the grid. The Company referred to it as a "perovskite commercial rooftop power station", erected over the water for fish farming applications. 

The perovskite power station is located in Qujiang district, Quzhou City, which is rich in water sources and farming. According to local conditions, it adopts the "onboard power generation and offboard farming" model. The installed capacity of the first phase is around 260 kW. The owner is Qujiang Construction Investment. 


It reportedly uses "perovskite components that have passed the domestic and foreign double certification of the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). and the German Association of Electrical Engineers (VDE) for product stability.

The local conditions include heavy rainfall and high humidity, which are challenging for perovskite PV systems. It is claimed that Microquanta managed to address this issue by developing a set of low-damage, high-resistance packaging components which can provide protection from water vapor and withstand these harsh environmental conditions. 

It was said that this is the Company's fifth perovskite distributed power station that has been successfully connected to the grid. It was explained that "fishery-light hybridization has enriched the application scenarios of outdoor commercialization of perovskite components, provided a new path for economic development for rural revitalization and further promoted the demonstration of perovskite applications".

Posted: Aug 14,2023 by Roni Peleg