NGK Insulators to establish new development site that will use perovskite solar cells by Enecoat Technologies

It was recently reported that NGK Insulators is set to invest $106 million in a Co-Creation Center and a Carbon Neutrality (CN)-Related Product Development Area, called the Atsuta site, at its head office in Mizuho, Japan. At the new center, NGK plans to install perovskite solar cells by EneCoat Technologies, in which NGK has invested, and will conduct demonstration testing of power generation performance.

The center will  promote open innovation and adding value with ceramic technologies. Construction is scheduled to be completed in May 2025.


At the Atsuta site, a new R&D building adjoining the Co-Creation Center is currently under construction. The new R&D building is scheduled to start operations in June 2025. Innovations developed in the Co-Creation Center will undergo evaluation and demonstration testing in the new R&D building, and the result will be reexamined in the Co-Creation Center.

NGK is currently developing ceramic substrates for Direct Air Capture (DAC), which directly captures carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the atmosphere. In parallel, NGK has started to develop technologies to coat (impregnate) CO2 adsorption materials on the DAC ceramic substrate.

Posted: Jan 05,2024 by Roni Peleg