Perovskite catalysts included in DOE's $47 million funding for RD&D of clean hydrogen technologies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced up to $47 million in funding (DE-FOA-0002920) to accelerate the research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) of affordable clean hydrogen technologies. 

This funding opportunity focuses on RD&D of key hydrogen delivery and storage technologies as well as affordable and durable fuel cell technologies. The RD&D projects will focus particularly on applications for heavy-duty trucks, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and eliminate tailpipe emissions that are harmful to local air quality. Among the specific topics to be funded in this interest area is perovskite-based catalysts, under the headline of "Hydrogen Carrier Development".


This topic seeks applications for R&D of novel hydrogen carriers and hydrogen carrier hydrogenation/dehydrogenation catalysts and catalyst supports with the goal of providing quantitative cost and performance advantages over conventional compressed gas or liquid hydrogen systems. Hydrogen carriers are a unique storage and delivery medium that have the potential to enable efficient, compact, and low-cost transport, on-site generation, and storage of hydrogen across multiple sectors in the economy.

Carriers exhibit a wide range of properties and behaviors, allowing for the matching of different hydrogen-rich materials to the needs of a specific end use. Relevant end uses that address the overall performance needs, such as pressure, temperature, rates of hydrogen release, purity, and cost at scale, must be considered within the topic.

One example of interest includes catalysts that are based on perovskite materials, or that use perovskite materials as catalyst supports. Such materials and other innovative concepts with potential to meet specific metrics are of interest and projects will be expected to collaborate with HFTO’s HyMARC consortium.

Posted: Jan 29,2023 by Roni Peleg