Solaires and Genesis Tech announce JV for high efficiency perovskite PV modules

Solaires Entreprises, a cleantech startup that develops high power conversion efficiency photovoltaic modules, has announced a Joint Venture with Genesis Technologies, a Shanghai based manufacturer. The companies will be working towards mass production of PV modules to replace batteries in indoor electronic devices, as the JV's first phase.

Solaires will provide the technology and Genesis will provide manufacturing as part of the Joint Venture. Genesis Technologies has committed to investing more than $4 Million USD to develop Solaires’ manufacturing site through purchasing production line equipment, carrying out personnel training and executing daily operations for the Joint Venture.


“Solaires’ customers are eager to see our unique perovskite-based highest efficiency PVModules in mass production” - Said Fabian de la Fuente, CEO of Solaires. “We are delighted to work with Genesis to fulfil orders from our customers”.

“Our partnership with Solaires will help customers receive state-of-the-art PVModules for mass deployment” - Said Brian Yang, CEO of Genesis. “We are hoping to create new market opportunities globally through this Joint Venture”.

It is projected that by 2023, there will be 15 billion battery-driven devices demanding 800 GW of power. There is a global need for clean, indoor solar power that isn’t satisfied by conventional photovoltaic modules. Solaires has developed an inexpensive and easy to print PVModule that aims to revolutionize the industry, with its reportedly superior performance, higher energy conversion efficiency (35% for indoor) and a cleaner manufacturing process than traditional materials such as silicon. Solaires’ PVModules set out to become a cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to conventional charging methods. The product enables self-charging of battery-driven devices such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, electronic shelf labels, sensors, IoT devices, and more.

Posted: Feb 27,2024 by Roni Peleg