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New Perovskite introduction video

Today we are happy to publish this short perovskite explanation video, which we believe gives a nice introduction to perovskite materials - their properties, applications and current market status:

If you're interested in using this video in your web site, feel free to embed it!

Read the full story Posted: Mar 28,2018

University of Tokyo team's investigation of perovskite structures may lead to improvement of solar cell performance

University of Tokyo researchers have studies the structure of organometal halide perovskites, a ubiquitous class of solar cells and came up with interesting results.

Dr. Tae Woong Kim: 'Until now, it has been believed each crystal phase of the perovskite solely exists at its given temperature range. However, in this research, we revealed their crystal phases coexist at room temperature and the coexistence induces self-organized superlattice structure. These evidences overturn the conventional theory. Especially, the existence of the spontaneous superlattice will maximize their potential for wide and diverse applications.'

Read the full story Posted: Mar 05,2018