TCI launches new high-performance hole collecting material for perovskite solar cells

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI), a global supplier of laboratory chemicals and specialty materials, launched a new high-performance hole collecting material (HCM), that can be used to enhance the performance of inverted perovskite solar cells, as it efficiently collects holes from the perovskite layer.

TCI's new 3PATAT-C3 is a SAM formation reagent, with face-on orientation to the substrate surface. It strongly binds to the ITO layer, has a high coverage ratio and it offers efficient charge recovery from the perovskite layer. The material is now available in high purity, and preparations are underway with a view to large-scale supply. See here for more info.


TCI offers a wide range of materials for the perovskite industry, including perovskite precursors, SAM forming agents, hole transporting materials, and more. We published an interview with TCI back in 2022 to discuss their perovskite materials and views on the industry and market.

Contact TCI now for more information on the new 3PATAT-C3 SAM formation reagents.

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Posted: Feb 13,2024 by Ron Mertens