TCI offers DMPESI surface treatment reagents to improve the stability of perovskite solar cells

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI), a global supplier of laboratory chemicals and specialty materials, is offering surface treatment reagents for perovskite solar panels. The company says that using its DMPESI materials, solar panel producers can realize superior device stability.

Figure, Perovskite solar cell device structure and comparison of solar cell performance using DMPESI

TCI's DMPESI materials offer strong bonding ability to perovskite surface, much higher than PEAI. The materials suppress the phase transition of FAPbI3 from α phase to δ phase. Thanks to the suppression of ion migration and the influence of the external atmosphere, the materials improve device stability even under high temperature and humidity.

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In recent years, TCI launched several innovative materials to improve the performance of perovskite solar cells, including SAM formation reagents, molecular dopants and hole transport materials.

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Posted: Jun 06,2024 by Ron Mertens