TCI offers a stable low-cost supply of high-quality Spiro-OMeTAD materials for perovskite developers

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI), a global supplier of laboratory chemicals and specialty materials, is offering a stable supply of high-quality Spiro-OMeTAD hole transport materials, used in perovskite solar panels, light emitting devices and other applications.

Spiro-OMeTAD materials are suitable for solution processing, and feature a HOMO of -5.0 eV and a LUMO of -1.5 eV. This is a standard material used in many perovskite stacks, and is the benchmark material also used in many research activities for comparative evaluation.

 TCI has a large-scale capacity to produce this material, in very high quality and at a relatively low cost. See here for more info


In recent years, TCI has developed new proprietary HTM materials, TOP-HTMs, which realize a high PCE both with or without additives as well as higher stability with much lower cost. TCI recommends that in order to develop perovskite solar cells utilizing TOP-HTMs, companies are advised to conduct comparative verification with Spiro-OMe-TAD to confirm the performance enhancement compared to standard materials.

This was a sponsored post by TCI

Posted: Nov 15,2023 by Ron Mertens