Three Gorges Group 1 MW pilot perovskite PV plant is now connected to the grid

China's Three Gorges Group has announced that "the world's first commercial megawatt-level perovskite ground-mounted photovoltaic project was successfully connected to the grid on November 29".

The project is located in the Kubuqi Desert hinterland of Hangjin Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, and is supported by the Kubuqi 2 million kilowatt photovoltaic desert control project in the west of Inner Mongolia. The project has an installed capacity of 1 megawatt, covers an area of 40 acres, and utilizes a total of 11,200 modules of perovskite photovoltaic modules, as was reported.


No suppliers or technical details were provided. 

It was explained that a primary project goal is to study the behavior of perovskite solar panels in the dry and hot desert conditions, with the potential to apply the same module technology in diverse regions and climates.

Chinese media outlets reported that the project will use drones to seed high-quality pasture grass and medicinal herbs beneath the modules.

Posted: Dec 04,2023 by Roni Peleg