Worksport to collaborate with Greatcell on perovskite solar R&D

Worksport, a developer of tonneau covers, solar integrations, and NP (Non-Parasitic), Hydrogen-based green energy solutions, has announced that it has entered into a joint collaboration with Greatcell Solar Italy.

Worksport partners with industry-leading solar providers for flexible, high efficiency, mono-crystalline panels for their Terravis systems, currently available for pre-order.

It was said that Greatcell, headquartered in Australia, has been building on a substantial IP portfolio covering 3rd-Generation Solar Technologies since 2012. Through its R&D, it is creating low-cost, bespoke, renewable electricity transducers, based on PSC, that can compete against all other forms of energy production in all lighting conditions.

'Perovskite Solar Cells provide upwards of double the energy conversion efficiency compared to mono-crystalline silicon - even in shade and low light - require simpler manufacturing processes, and are light weight,' states Greatcell Solar Italia Managing Director Dr. Luca Sorbello.

Worksport believes that for consumers to want to adopt these types of technologies, the Company must lead the way in these innovations, maintaining simple, affordable, top-tier, and practical product implementations. As Greatcell is specially positioned to commercialize PSC technology through micropower and midi-power cells for IoT, mobile, and other rechargeables, Worksport management considers the collaboration a natural partnership.

Greatcell was the very first solar harvesting energy company that recognized the opportunity what Worksport is aiming to achieve through its Terravis Energy's Solis line of solar harvesting tonneau covers. Their management immediately realized that Perovskite would be a perfect fit as its band gap photoluminescence would allow the Solis tonneau cover to collect a wider spectrum of light to convert into electricity, which will make future iterations of the Worksport and Terravis Energy solar line that much more powerful and competitive.

'Worksport, through its subsidiary Terravis Energy, is very excited to work with companies such as Greatcell as we strive to provide our customers with the latest in solar technology available on the market. The best is yet to come through strategic partnerships such as this one, which demonstrates the Company's commitment to decarbonize transportation with the most innovative solutions,' states Terravis Energy CEO Lorenzo H. Rossi.

Posted: Oct 17,2021 by Roni Peleg