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Enlitech is a professional manufacturer of scientific & metrological instruments. We are dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing high-end measurement equipment to be used in the fields of materials science, machine vision, photovoltaic testing and analysis based on our Quantum Efficiency Expertise.


We integrate the optical and electrical technologies with user-friendly software and we have succeeded to help customers achieve excellence and breakthrough in the fields of solar cell/module development and new materials research.

We devote time and effort to Research & Development to supply customers with the most integrated, up-to-date solution.

Since 2012, we have been building up sales channels and service centers in mainland China, Japan, the United States, Middle East, and India. We are committed to providing customers with complete measurement and analysis systems and suitable/customized solutions to help them achieve industrial upgrading and technological innovations.

PV/Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement Solutions

The Best Selling and Trustable QE/IPCE System in the World

QE-R is a PV cell tester which can provide cell's EQE. IPCE, IQE and spectral response data accurately and rapidly. The quantum efficiency information provided by QE-R is commonly used by PV researchers to illustrate and study the device design, device performance, process improving, material bandgap, impurity or trap. Due to its high repeatability and accuracy of QE-R, metrology engineers also use QE-R system to do spectral mismatch calculation and the uncertainty evaluation of PV conversion efficiency. QE-R has been adopted by over 500 outstanding PV research laboratories and contributed data for over 1,000 SCI papers in the past 10 years, including many flag-ship journals like Nature, Science, Joule, and Advanced Materials etc.

Enlitech's QE-R system image

Measurement Parameters:

  • QE (quantum efficiency)
  • PV-EQE (external quantum efficiency)
  • IPCE (incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency)
  • SR (spectral response)
  • IQE (internal quantum efficiency)
  • Reflectance


Enlitech QE-R application table

A+A A+ Steady-State Solar Simulator

Light Source For I-V Characteristic Measurement & Solar Simulator For Power Of Solar Cells Measurement

SS-X is a new series of comprehensive A+ spectrum grade solar simulators developed in accordance with IEC 60904-9:2020 standard. Combined with advanced software, SS-X series can further analyze the physics behind the IV curves, such as performing Sun-Voc and Sun-Jsc simultaneously for analyzing ideality factor n automatically.

Enlitech's SS-X equipment image


  • Spectral match against AM 1.5G, mismatch
  • Non-uniformity
  • Temporal instability
  • Max light intensity up to 1.5sun
  • Adjustable light intensity from 0%-100%, with adjustment resolution of 1%
  • Flexible integration ability

IVS-KA 6000 Software

  • Ideal factor analysis
  • Light intensity linearity measurement
  • Sun-voc measurement
  • Voc, Isc, FF, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, η, Rs, Rsh
  • Reverse saturation current analysis
  • Delay time IV measurement

Perovskite PV and Organic PV Voc-loss analyzer

Boost Your PV efficiency and publication

To push the conversion efficiency to the limitation of Thermodynamics, organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells strive to increase the open-circuit voltage (Voc) to Shockley-Queisser limit. REPS is a complete system that can help scientists measure, calculate, and analyze the Voc-loss in the working solar cells, and give the process improving idea for the next step. REPS can not only detect the extremely low EL-EQE signal (as low as 10-5%, which is 7 orders of magnitude), but also calculate thermodynamic Voc, radiative recombination Voc, and non-radiative recombination Voc (through its software SQ-VLA). In addition, it can also analyze ΔE1, ΔE2, and ΔE3 losses between different type of devices in one histogram chart. Most importantly, the analyzing software can help users match the calculated Voc-loss with the real Voc-loss of the device IV curve, thereby promoting the research progress and journal publication.

Emlitech's REPS system image


  • It can measure: absolute EL-EQE, EL spectra(V), JV curve,EQE-J
  • The software can display the charts including: EL-EQE(J), EL-EQE(V), multi-EL-spectra, JVL curve, ΔE1, ΔE2, and ΔE3
  • histogram chart
  • The system can calculate and analyze thermodynamic Voc, radiative recombination Voc, and non-radiative
  • recombination Voc
  • The wavelength detection range: 300~1100nm; and can be extended to 1700nm (option)
  • NIST-traceable absolute radiometric calibration (Watt, from 300~1100nm)
  • EL-EQE detection range: 10-5% to 100% (Dynamic range 7 orders)
  • EL-EQE un-repeatability
  • EL-EQE un-reproducibility
  • EL low-light detection SN ratio: >50:1 @5x10-5% (REPS Pro)
  • Glove Box integration toolkit
  • Customized test fixtures
Posted: May 18,2021 by Roni Peleg